Faux Leather Shoes: Good or Bad?

One cannot imagine dressing up perfectly without a pair of perfect leather shoes. The craze for leather doesn’t seem to fade anytime soon. Considering the rareness
of the REAL ANIMAL LEATHER, humans have managed to make its substitute i.e. THE ARTIFICIAL LEATHER – famously known as FAUX LEATHER.
So here the question is: how is it made or more importantly … why does the articial leather seem to overpower the real one ?
here’s our take on it.

The History of Faux Leather

It is developed recently due to the availability of petroleum based plastics and its products.Because its manmade, faux leather can be moulded as per the needs
of different kinds For example… it can be produced in a desired quantity, which is not possible with the real leather.
Also it can be used to overcome the short comings of the real leather to some extent.
Synthetic leather or Faux leather is originally made of polyurethane(PU)and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). While making it, many colors and chemicals can be added
to it. This allows it to be made it in a user-friendly way.

Is It Real OR Is It Faux?

Real leather has a rough, natural surface while faux has an even surface. Real one gives a warm feeling and it looks imperfect(natural). Faux leather has a cold touch and is crafted to perfection(because its manmade). The most significant difference is that of the smell the real leather gives. The faux industry has recently seen major improvements due to advanced technologies. It has been in trend since long also because of its name ‘Vegan Leather’. Even though it is a fact that it doesn’t kill animals, the plastic used in manufacturing faux leather does a remarkable damage to the environment.
The real leather is rare so its costly but can last around 10 years whereas the faux one has to be replaced frequently coz its not made to last that many years and looks visibly worn out just after a few years.
Faux leather is widely used to make jackets, handbags, shoes and many more. The most in demand are the shoes- The Faux Leather Shoes.

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Pros and Cons of Faux Leather

Faux leather is easy on the pocket and low maintenance.
It is available in various colors, textures.
It can be manufactured on a large scale (if required) and easily adaptable as per the trend and customer demand.
It doesn’t include harming animals.
Faux leather doesnt have the shelf life as that of the real leather.
It ia not real leather ( some people being hardcore fans of THE ANIMAL LEATHER)

As here we share our take on this, please do share your views on the same……