Faux Wool VS Real Wool

Its November and its cold. Chilly cold. Outside as well as inside.One cannot imagine their room without heaters and the outings without the jackets. And if the jacket
is Woollen, its just perfect. The new trend of faux wool also doesn’t seem to slow down. While some are always in the favour of animal wool, some love to follow the
trend and keep pace with it.


Real wool is the animal wool which comes from the fleece sheep produced naturally every year. Different types of real wool include CASHMERE, ALPACA and MERINO wool.
It is costlier than faux wool because of its limited supply. The sheep is needed to be fed particularly and after waiting for a several number of months it is
harvested to get the perfect wool. The production is less as compared to the demand
so it is mostly in limited edition (along with the investment that goes in feeding the sheep and post-harvesting costs). Some people who are sensitive to animal fabric
develop various allergies related to skin, by wearing it. Also the vegans (number increasing day by day) tend to avoid the natural wool coz it disturbs the otherwise
harmonious life of the wool animals.


Artificial wool also known as faux wool is made from ‘acrylic’.They are manufactured from petroleum products and petro chemicals by melting and converting it into long
thin fibres. This process is undoubtedly very harmful for the environment and if the product is no longer in the trend, it is discarded which is again disastrous.
The production of faux wool can be adjusted to meet the demand so it is relatively cheaper.It is more durable, available in various colors ,designs and patterns having
a longer shelf life. They are widely available everywhere.

Also, there are simple tests available to identify the real wool from the faux.

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Reasons That Make Faux Wool a Favourite Among The Masses

  1. Faux wool is known as Vegan wool, so most vegans go for it.
  2.  It is known to keep up with the latest trend so most fashion lovers prefer it.
  3. While some of them may be allergic to natural wool, this is allergen free.
  4. It is low cost and easy maintenance ( a simple machine wash is all it needs)