Can You See Through Blackout Curtains?

After a long tiring day when you want a good night sleep,all u do is to grab your pillow and sleep soundly.This process may not be the same
if u have odd working hours for example..if u work at night and get to sleep not before the sunrise,(which is very common recently as people prefer working at any time
of the day as per their convenience) your sleep may not be as sound as it usually would have and you might end up waking before completing your sleep,
feeling tired and not feeling fresh. And for the same purpose, blackout curtains were invented.

How Are Blackout Curtains Made?

 Blackout curtains are made of polyster or nylon or a combination of polyster and cotton. They are made by coating the curtain fabric with many layers of black foam
thus forming the blackout effect. A double weave or a triple weave technology is used to complete the process. A double weave process is done by combining a layer of
black foam with a lighter layer whereas a triple weave process is executed by placing two light layers around the black foam being in the middle. The quality and the
efficiency of the curtains depends upon this process. Ideally triple weave technology is used for maximum sound and noise resistance. The blackout curtains
provide around 95% – 99% of darkness depending upon its type.
The blackout curtains are very easy to maintain as they can simply be machine-washed. Along the passing time,the curtains are designed to be customised as per the
demands of the customers by adding velcro fabric to the ends for 100% insulation and can be placed directly around the window.

The Need For Blackout Curtains

The blackout curtains that are invented are more or less useful for all of us and not just for some people. Either it is when we are not in good heath and
urgently need our time off or we ended up working till late hours or it is for our children whom we want to sleep as soundly as possible, these curtains definitely
prove to be a lifesaver.
Blackout curtains as the name suggests are most commonly available in black color, also in other dark shades. But are they available in white color ?
The answer to this question is yes. White blackout curtains also block sunlight and regulate the inside temperature just like any other color of blackout curtains.
The only minor change will be that white blackout curtains will absorb around 90%-95% of sunlight. While for White-Lovers it doesn’t matter much, the darker the
color of the backout curtains, the better.

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Advantages of Blackout Curtains

1) Light Absorbent
As we know how blackout curtains are not just made of one but rather two or three layers, its light absorbing capacity is comparatively higher. It abosorbs
light not only in the day time but also the lights coming from street lights and lights coming out of the cars at night.

2) Noise Absorbent
The blackout curtains have also proven to absorb noise which lets us to work peacefully or rest soundly without any outside distraction.This is because of the
multiple layers , these curtains are made of. Though these are not 100% noise absorbent, one can see a noticable reduction of noise and loud voices coming from

3) Temperature Resistant
As the blackout curtains don’t allow outside light getting inside, it continues to maintain the room temperature for a long time. Therefore the room can maintain
its coolness inside.Thus it helps to reduce our electricity bills and prevents energy loss which occurs from the exchange of heat from the outside. Also the
household things are not affected by the heat outside, they do not fade away easily thus lasting for a longer time which again helps in cost-cutting.

Thus we can conclude that blackout curtains prove to be a great investment by giving us ideal atmosphere for sleep, work and longer shelf life of our favourite things.