Best Tape for Mat Burns

Anyone involved in sport, wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu or any other sport might have encountered MAT BURN at least one. This happens when skin is rubbed hard against any surfaces or particularly wrestling mat, the friction created between the body and the surface emits heat resulting in the burn on the skin. This injury is considered equivalent to first-degree burn and not so serious(as it only affects the epidermis). However, if it is not treated well in the initial stage itself, the damage can get worse and lead to a long treatment. The affected area is left red-raw and bleeding in some cases.
Mat burns occur at wrestling mats, martial art schools, basketball court – basically any sport ground.

Why is Mat Burn Harmful?

The places where MAT BURN takes place is a breeding ground for the deadly MSRA , which is antibiotic-resistant strain of germs which can affect the health greatly.
Also there is a chance to get infected by ringworm fungal infections along with other infections, all because of the mat burn. The infection can be really unpleasant causing tiny sores that give out puss and germs.

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The basic no-brainer rule for this can be wearing enough clothes before getting onto the ground. Long-sleeved t-shirts and longer (yet comfortable)than usual shorts are an easy way to avoid friction between the body and the mat surface. The players should bathe with antifungal and antibacterial soap after every sessionto prevent the infections. The mat surface on which the players are playing should be cleaned thoroughly and regularly. Rash guards and gi are other commonly used sources of protection against matburns.
Athletic Tapes is also a goood preventive measure used to cover the wrists and ankles which are most likely to get damaged. The ‘X’ shaped taping is the most popular as it covers not only the injured part but overall part around it mostly making ‘X’ shape which ensures that the tape will last longer than usual.


Even after one has carried out all the necessary precautions, mat burn cannot be 100% avoided. The infection is contagious and spreads rapidly from person-to-person.
After getting a matburn, the damaged area should be cleaned with antimicrobial cleanser particularly resistant against MSR. A guaze must be put on it and it should be regularly cleaned after regular intervals. As the infection is contagious, the person should discontinue playing sports until totally healed. If the person is found to carry MSRA, immediate consultation with the doctor is a must.
If the mat burn is relatively mild amd less painful, the wound can be treated in an easier way. Leaving the wound open, mixing adequate amount of salt or disinfectant to your water while bathing and taking enough rest ( you cannot go to practice anyway) are tried-and-tested remedies that work wonders.

Another Effective way of curing the burn faster is to apply a non-stick gauze to the burn and the Medical Tape keeps the gauze at one place.