Best Bottled Water For Water Fasting


The one thing that is very important today for everyone is to stay healthy. While the young people choose a healthy lifestyle as they love their body and want it to be in a proper shape, the older generation wants to stay healthy to keep all those old-age diseases away and to be able to life their life to the fullest.
Some of them want faster, results so they choose to diet by giving up on unhealthy and junk foods. This works well as long as one is able to control the craving for their favorite foods.
Various types of fasting have also been introduced such as intermittent fasting. This fasting schedule allows eating only certain hours a day out of 24 hours and fasting for remaining hours (for example eating during 8 hours and fasting for remaining 16 hours). This method has given proven results. Some of them have become quite comfortable with this fasting so they tend to try the next-level-fasting known as WATER FASTING.
Yes, water fasting does exist…. and it implies you only consume water and no other thing. However you are not supposed to start this fast immediately. It would be appropriate to consult a medical practitioner before starting this fast. This fasting can be done from 24-72 hours varying from person to person.

Water fasting has some amazing benefits for the body such as reducing the risk of chronic diseases, increasing life-span, reducing obesity along with everyone’s most prioritized weight loss .

Here are our selected recommendations

1. Essentia Bottled Water

2. LIFEWTR Premium Purified Water

3. FIJI Natural Artesian Water

Preparing for Water Fasting

You need to prepare your body for water fasting first. Do not eat anything for one day and try to survive on water only. By doing this, you will know how your body responds to hunger, cravings, etc. Another way of preparing your body is reducing the food intake slowly and steadily and gradually bringing it to the possible minimum. By doing this, your body reaches in a fasted state where its appetite is reduced and fat-burning ability is maximized. Now your mind and body are ready for the fasting as your mind is under proper control too.

The Water Fasting

In this process, drinking clean, sparkling and mineral water is considered to be good. This is because during fasting the body gets dehydrated and loses essential minerals from the body which is compensated by mineral water.
However, the alkaline water is considered to be ideal for water fasting. It has huge benefits for the body which cannot be found in clean or mineral water.

Here are some of the reasons that make alkaline water a perfect choice:

1.) Prevent Acid Reflux : One is likely to go through acid reflux while water fasting if alkaline water is not consumed. Alkaline water combats the enzyme that is responsible for burning caused by acid reflux.

2.) Prevent Acidosis : Acidosis is a non-permanent state where the blood pH goes down to unhealthy levels. The body can make up for it by absorbing calcium from the body which in turn reduces the bone-density making the bones weak. Consumption of alkaline water makes sure the body doesn’t have to go through all this and
neutralizes the acidity naturally and effortlessly.( Alkaline water can up the blood pH level by 40%-70% )

3.) Detoxing : Alkaline water hydrates the body more efficiently than any mineral water. It also detoxifies the body in an effective manner. It flushes out harmful toxins such as fluoride due to its pH content.

Thus, the alkaline water that is available and sold in bottles is the best for anyone observing water fasting.

The Much Needed Caution

As tempting as it may seem to go for water fasting, it is not meant for all. We would like to repeat that a medical practitioner must be consulted for pleasant and best results. But generally speaking, this fasting is strictly not meant for :
Pregnant or lactating women, underweight people, people with chronic disorders and TYPE-1 diabetes, people having eating disorder or taking a blood transfusion.