Best Airbrush Varnishes For Miniatures

A Miniature is a mini representation or a smaller version of things. The things that are hypothetical or the things that are difficult to represent in its original form or not possible to buy to feel it in reality are basically represented in the miniature form. It can be a miniature art, miniature painting , engraving, sculpture and so on.
After a miniature is created, it is necessary to protect it. Along with protection, enhancing the beauty of the miniature and giving it a smooth finish is also done. this is done by varnishing it.

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The Varnish is the protecting film or finish that is mainly used on wooden substances but now are commonly used on other substances as well. A Varnish gives a layering of protection to wooden surfaces, paintings and other decorative objects. The surface or the object becomes resistant to climatic effect, heat, water and other outside effects.
A Varnish is made of natural resins secreted from plants and later modified as per the requirement, combining the resins with alcohol and oil. The varnish gives a clear, transparent look and does not penetrate inside the surface (wood or any other material).
They are quick to dry and are eco-friendly water based varnishes which provide good resistance against UV rays. They are versatile to use so are used on other surfaces also (other than wood). Since they are water-based, they can be cleaned easily with water which makes it great choice for consumers.

Different types of Varnishes are created to give different types of looks by adjusting the quantity of flattening agents. The different looks include Glossy Finish, Semi-Glossy Finish and Matte Finish also known as Sheen, Satin and Matt Looks.

A Glossy finish gives a reflective, glossy and a shiny finish whereas a Matte finish gives a non-reflective, dull and subtle finish to the surface ( particularly speaking miniatures. Generally, for a painting – Glossy Finish is used as it makes the painting extra-ordinary, bringing out the brightest and oh-so-shiny look.

Specially for Miniature painting, a Matte varnish is any day a better choice as it protects the models, minimizing the unnecessary light reflections (that are produced by choosing a sheen finish) which disturbs the color combination and the contrast effect. Another reason to choose a Matt look is that Photographing gets easier by decreasing the unwanted shine and over-the -top color effects emitted by the mini-model, thus matt gives a natural look in pictures.

Airbrushing The Miniature

Airbrush paint is basically made from Acrylic. High-flow acrylics are ideal for beginners and airbrush paints.
The varnishing is done not by directly using the paint rather by thinning the paint first. Thinning of the paint is done by adding equal amounts of water and paint (this is just an approximation). Then the thin paint is applied to the miniature.
This process is repeated Three times – Once the first layer dries up, it it coated with the second layer and so on. A good quality acrylic paint dries off fast making it easier for multiple coating .This gives a detailed finish with a fine coat coverage giving the necessary adhesion and protection to the figures.
The result looks visibly satisfying by coating it with several layers rather than just one thick layer. This process also ensures better durability and an authentic and a professional look.