3 Best Scrubs for Thick Thighs

SCRUB is basically a protective garment/ sanitary clothing originally designed for surgeons, nurses and other healthcare workers in the operating theatre. Now they are also used in places other than hospitals where one is likely to come in contact with infected environment. It had originated in the form of a gown.
Later with passing time, the scrubs are now available in the form of pant and shirt. They were designed to be simple, easy to wash(it needs to be washed after every use) and cheap (easy to replace if damaged irreparably), lightweight and breathable.
The need for scrubs quite evident and popular during the COVID 19 pandemic. Healthcare workers throughout the world were working wearing these scrubs and because it is so easy to clean and infection-resistant (to much extent) than regular clothes, even the regular people who had mild Covid symptoms and were isolated, also readily used scrubs. They were also commonly used at places like schools, colleges, restaurants -crowded places where their is chance for bacteria to thrive and spread.

With the exposure of scrubs to the whole world, more and more people are accepting it as casual wear for everyday use. The reasons are:

  • Scrubs are comfortable, stretchable and flexible to wear. They are very convenient and the fabric used for making scrubs is made of premium quality. Nowadays people prefer comfort over any uneasy clothing (which they would only wear for a few times). So people have started to invest in comfortable clothing as they know they are going to wear them till they fade away or begin to tear apart. A plain scrub top can be combined with any pair of trouser or jeans, also the scrubs make for great pajamas thanks to their supreme comfort.
  • Scrubs are majorly resistant to spills and stains, low maintenance (easy to wash) and dry very quickly.
  • Scrubs are trending right now as they are available in style, prints and colors. They are designed to be worn by maximum consumers of varying age groups- from young to old, compatible to wear at various places, by people of every weight and variety of designs made in all shades and styles.

Our Top Recommendations Are:

1. Workwear Revolution Women Scrubs Pant

2. Dickies Women's Signature Elastic Scrubs Pant

3. Workwear Originals Men Scrubs

Having Scrubs with a great fitting is very important if you are required to work in that uniform involving daily tasks of moving, pushing, pulling, etc. Initially, scrubs were only designed and available in a single fit (keeping the male professionals in mind). The women too had to wear these scrubs. Later on, They were modified and designed to be worn by every gender of every body type.
The Scrub pant should of your choice should be convenient, comfortable and should last a good amount of time. It should be well-fitted to be worn at workplaces giving a professional look. It also makes one feel confident. So how to look for a perfectly fitted scrub pant?

Tip: Measure the area around your waist where the waistband of the scrub rests. For the length, measure the top of the pant to the opening at the end (also considering your waist from where the length of the pant starts). For better accuracy, the pant should be buttoned and laid flat on the table ( to avoid any errors due to negligence)
The High-rise pants covering the belly-button are considered to be the ideal fit. They go well with every body type from small- medium as well as large. People having BIGGER thighs should opt for HIGH-RISE pants.

Another Factor affecting the fitting is the cut of the pant. There is Straight cut having a narrow fitting throughout the leg, Tapered cut narrow towards the ankle, Flared cut which is fit on the upper leg and flared from knee to the ankle. And lastly are the Relaxed Fit Pants that give an overall relaxed fit right from the hip to the ankle.
So for bigger thighs, a high-rise relaxed pant is perfect.