What are Alternative to Outdoor Rugs?

When one buys a rug, the ideal place to keep it is the living room. It can also be placed elsewhere like bedroom, children’s nursery, etc… But what one usually
avoids is placing the rug outside your home. The investment that is made in purchasing the rug is likely preferred to be kept indoors, right infront of the eyes….
avoiding the wear and tear that may occur due to the foot-traffic, exposure to sunlight and outside dust which highly affects the durability of the rug reducing its
shelf life to a great extent. Some of them even require professional cleaning, and doing it so often is practically not possible. If all of these factors are to be
considered, they can burn a hole into your pocket. So the need for its ALTERNATIVE is justified.
Along with this, the factors such as outside decor, theme, color scheme and mood of the outdoors can be taken into account for a better experience.

Some of the options are:

Synthetic Fibres: It is mainly made from polypropylene which is made of plastic. They are ideal for outdoors because of its high shelf life. Because its artificial, it will avoid the growth of mould or mildew when in contact with the moisture. Also they are stain-resistant and can sustain large amounts of stains and spills. They are made with with UV protectors so its color does not fade easily due to sunlight. Even though they claim to be water resistant, its not 100% true. Some of these are partially mixed with natural fibres such as jute or cotton which hold the moisture and gives out a damp smell.
ARTIFICIAL GRASS is one of the type of synthetic rugs. It is weather proof and gives a natural lawn-like feel. It is comparatively cheaper yet gives a pleasant vibe to that particular place.
Natural Fibres: The Nature lovers , if prefer natural fibre rug for outdoors will need more maintenance and care because the natural fibres like jute and seagrass hold moisture and need regular cleaning and drying out thoroughly. They also wear out way to quickly.

Here are Some of our Recommendations:

1. nuLOOM Floret Transitional Area Rug

2. AMOAMI-Outdoor Rug Carpet

3. BalajeesUSA Outdoor Patio Rugs

The Type of Patterns Include:

Quadrangular Outdoor Rugs: This includes both- Square and Rectangular Rugs. They are good for large outdoor spaces having a similar shape so that the rug can fit in effortlessly. It comes in various patterns such as Stripped, Patterned, etc. The design is chosen as per the interior and other things surrounding the place. It comes in large and small both sizes depending on the size of the place and the coverage it requires. It can be complemented with couch or a table as per the person’s taste.
Nowadays, a wide range of outdoor rugs is available in vibrant colors, designs.

Round Shaped Outdoor Rugs: They are good for a curved space and if you do not want the ends of the rug to touch the wall. Ideal for a get together of close-ones (all together in a circle)

Monochromatic Outside Rug: Keeping the entire rug of a single color gives you the chance to experiment with various colors by placing certain accessories of some bright colors creating a contrast effect if the rug is of a subtle shade. Some people just like to keep it simple and clean without adding any colors or things. It still gives a good look.

Colorful Rugs: Contrary to the single-colored rugs, these involve so many colors in alone single rug. The colors look like having a blast, getting one over the other. This needs to be accessorized with ( if you want to accessorize) some neutral colors. That will give a perfect look.

All of these alternatives have one common thing that they are designed to protect against sunlight, dust, dirt, rain as much as possible.