Rexine VS Faux Leather | Which is Better?

While in early times,people only used real leather for making jackets and shoes, after a few decades when there was rise in inflation, people started to opt for
a cheaper substitute, that’s when artificial leather came into existence. People having strong ethics against harming animals was also one of the reasons of their
refraining to use the animal leather.
Now among the artificial leather, the FAUX LEATHER and REXINE are most popular. While both are artificial form of leather, both are totally different. Rexine is
an entirely different material made of coated fabric whereas faux leather is made of PU or PVC material.

The Making of Rexine

REXINE was earlier made of alcohol,cellulose nitrate and camphor oil. These materials combined to make a product similar to leather. After some time, people came
to realise that this combination of chemicals had a very damaging effect on the environment. Inorder to make Rexine less harmful for the earth, natural products such
as plants were added to it.
Usually Rexine is waterproof bacause it is artificially made but at times,inorder to increase its durability a tint of real leather is added, so it is no longer
water proof. So exposing it to the water should be avoided
Rexine is used in the making of sofas and couches of our homes, interior of the cars and so on… but it is getting replaced by faux leather to overcome its

The Making of Faux Leather

FAUX LEATHER is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or/and polyurethane (PU).Also many colors and additives are added to it to make it more appealing and attractive
to the customers. Initially PVC was only used for making pipes,later it was modified to produce vinyl which further became popular due to its vast availability.
It is also made in a way to protect from UV rays which increases its durability. Faux leather is used to make products such as shoes, luggage, accessories, clothes, etc.

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Difference Between Rexine and Faux

Rexine has a shorter shelf life, it can tear out easily and needs timely replacement. The material is thick which is not user-friendly, produces ample amount of heat which gets very uncomfortable especially in summers. Purchasing a low-quality rexine can actually cost you more for of its maintenance. Also, it cannot be cleaned frequently because it needs to be gently washed or else it will tear apart, unlike the faux leather which can straight away be machine washed.

Faux leather has been manufactured and modified to increase its shelf life, productivity and keep it low maintenance. It is also a form of artificial leather so it does produce heat but in a very less amount. Inspite of its improvements and corrections, Faux leather is still available to us at a very cheap rate (one doesn’t need to think twice before replacing it).It is available in innumerous number of designs, shades and patterns.

The lack of availability of real leather and drawbacks of other artificial leather is what has made Faux leather(Vegan leather) insanely popular.