Faux Leather Shoes Review

The world has become a very competitive place in terms of everything. Be it Career, Job, Money and even in terms of Fashion. Fashion also has no limits, it gets better and better, more and more latest with each passing day. Keeping up with it needs some serious and regular shopping. New clothes, New shoes, New accessories… and so on. Buying new clothes is fine … it can be worn and used completely. Same way the shoes should be easy to replace (easy on the pocket basically), have a satisfactory amount of shelf life is all what is ideally expected by the customers.

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The Depleting Industry of Real Leather

The Real (Animal) Leather is costly… especially during the time of inflation, people just could not afford to buy themselves a pair of shoes. Also, the animal leather is rare due to the reducing population of animals (Some of the animals are on the verge of getting extinct). The demand of shoes is not completely fulfilled by the real leather shoes making industry.

Another factor is the process of making animal leather shoes includes killing animals, which is not acceptable to evolving youth who have started to speak up against the plight of these poor animals. People have turned Vegan and strongly oppose the making of these shoes.

These factors enabled the Need for its substitute which gave rise to the FAUX LEATHER SHOES Industry.

The Rise of Faux Leather Industry

The word faux means fake. It is made from polyster- polvinyl cholride (PVC) or polyurethane (PU) giving it a leather finish. It is used to make products such as shoes, jackets, bags and so on. Basically whatever things are made of real leather, the faux leather imitates it. The fake leather things are smooth to touch unlike the rough feel of the animal leather. The faux leather has smell of chemicals whereas real leather has a peculiar animal skin smell.

Faux leather is manufactured on a large scale and the production cost is very less, so the Faux leather things are sold very cheap in the market as compared to the real leather. They lack the durability of the real leather products ( real leather can last upto decades under proper care and maintenance)

But that only increases the sale of faux leather products … because people simply replace it with the new product because its so pocket-friendly.
It is also stain-resistant and low maintenance. Measures are been taken to increase the durability of faux leather.

Also, the faux leather products such as shoes, bags and jackets that are produced are so trendy, stylish, available in vibrant colors, varying designs from a funky chic style to a neutral, subtle one. People do not think twice before purchasing a new faux leather thing. Infact, people maintain a collection of all styles and moods as per their everyday routine. One of the drawbacks of the faux leather is the harm it does to the environment. The damage done to the Mother Earth is Real.

Faux Leather Shoes

The faux leather shoes are manufactured in a wide range to meet the demands of the consumer. There are types and range of shoes available for every budget, every occasion, every mood and so on. The fact that it is so budget-friendly and can be replaced in the blink of an eye is totally working in its favour.