Best Fabric for Pillows – All You Need to Know

After a hardworking day, a good sleep is necessary to revitalize body, mind and soul. Statistically, we spend one-third of our lives sleeping. So its necessary to make sure to get a great sleep and not just a good sleep. Sleep relaxes the soul, recharges and prepares the body for the next day’s struggles. Thus while sleeping it should be important that the pillow cover we choose for sleeping contributes into making our sleep better. While making a choice, different people have different parameters. Some consider it to be absorbing moisture, for some its their skin and hair they like to prioritize, some see the thread count of the fabric for its durability and so on. Varies from person to person.

Our Recommendation for Best Pillow Covers

1. Bedsure Satin Pillowcase for Hair and Skin Queen

2. 100% Egyptian Cotton 1000 Thread Count Pillow Case

3. ZIMASILK 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Some of the choices of pillow covers to select:

1.) COTTON: One of the most common and popular fabric as it is absorbent giving a cool and gentle feel to the skin. However it leaves temporary creases to the skin. It is budget-friendly, low maintenance and easily available everywhere. It does not treat the skin the way silk and satin fabrics do, so most beauty lovers and skin-care freaks stay away from it. If its pure cotton, it can shrink after washing and has a smaller shelf-life.

2.) SATIN: Satin gives a rich, smooth and luxurious feel to the skin and hair while sleeping. You can enhance the quality of your hair and skin simply by using this satin pillowcase. It prevents the friction between the skin and the pillow fabric giving a smooth feel. Satin also controls the hair frizz due to its gentle and soft texture. Maintenance free and also pocket friendly- thus a great choice.

3.) SILK: Silk is a natural fabric having a smooth, shiny and royal finish. Though a bit similar like satin, silk is on the costlier side as it is created naturally by silkworms whereas satin is an artificial fabric usually made from polyester. The skin and hair benefits served by silk are extraordinary. It fives the skin an anti-wrinkle treatment throughout the sleep giving a younger look after waking up in the morning. The hair is proven to get silkier and less frizzy when in contact with this silk pillowcase. It is rightly called ‘The Ultimate Beauty Pillowcase’. It is hypo-allergenic to the skin (ideal for people having sensitive skin and keeps away from mites). Silk pillow cover needs special care and cleaning to keep its amazing features intact.

4.) LINEN: Linen is a natural product made of flax. It is a high quality product and is therefore highly durable. Initially it was available and produced in large quantities but now its production has considerably reduced, making it costly. Light weight and breathable, cold fabric – great choice for summers. It has a rough texture but softens with every wash.

5.) NYLON: Nylon is an artificial version of Silk. It has a look similar to silk or satin but with totally different features. It is highly durable and available
in various colors and patterns from ethnic to modern outlook and mostly preferred because of the vast range of trendy designs it has to offer. It is made from thin fabrics so dries out quickly. Not water absorbent so not a good choice for summers. It lasts longer and is easy on the pocket.

There are also other fabrics available such as VELVET, POLYSTER, FLANNEL, etc….. But the ones mentioned are the most common.