Wall Shelves for a Nursery: The Best Options for Every Budget

The nursery is a room designated for infants and toddlers in your home. It is a bedroom and playroom where they can relax and have fun. Some folks overdo their nursery decorations to the point where the room sparkle like a park. You can place a crib, decorative furnishings,  rocking chairs, stuffed animals, etc in the room.

Wall shelves are, nonetheless, a requirement for a nursery. Additionally, having wall shelves reduces the congested area and aids in maintaining the organization of the space. On a wall shelf, you can artistically arrange toys, plush animals, books, lotions, frames, and many other items. Wall shelves would improve the room’s aesthetics as well. Growing up in a nice environment would undoubtedly affect children, and teaching them to keep their belongings properly organized on a shelf will be a lifelong lesson.

Finding the ideal wall shelves for a nursery may be very difficult. However, we have compiled a list of the top wall shelves that are not only long-lasting, but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your child’s room.

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Things to Keep in Mind Before Installing Wall Shelves

There are some key features that you need to keep in mind while buying and placing the shelf in the nursery.


The material’s quality is the most crucial factor to take into account. Nobody wants to invest their hard-earned money in flimsy materials that will degrade quickly. So choose the one made of high-quality materials like steel and wood.


When installing shelves in the nursery, you also need to consider height. Some people may think about placing shelves as high as Mount Everest so that their baby cannot reach them and destroy the items they store on them. However, it is preferable to set them at a height that is simple for your child to reach to teach the youngsters the concept of independence. However, a shelf may have several levels, and you can store secure items on the lower level, such as cuddly animals and books, while placing fragile items, such as glass, on the upper tier.


Convenience is the main factor to take into account, but the design is also quite important. The opulent shelves would enhance the room’s charm. Maintain a neutral hue or one that goes with your nursery’s motif, nonetheless.


Adding shelves to a room’s décor improves its beauty. No one would feel uplifted in a drab space. Shelves stocked with trinkets and practical items could be a life saver.  Therefore, be careful to choose shelves that serve several uses when purchasing them for your child’s nursery.