Top 3 Best Faux Marble Tiles for Your Home

Everybody likes their house to have a good shiny look. For that purpose, Marble floors were invented. They have been used for thousands of years. For years, marble has been one of the most demanding articles for decorating homes. It gives a stunning look to the floors, bathrooms, stairs and more. But if marble is not available for some reason or it is exceeding the one’s price range, what should be done? It is fortunate that we have other materials replaceable to marble, which can give the extra finish look the same as marble.

One of the genres of marble tiles is Faux Tiles. It is also known as cultured marble. Tiles that are artificially made to look polished are called faux marble tiles. Faux is the preparation and finishing off the surface to imitate the appearance of polished marble.

Why is Faux Marble Getting so Popular?

Faux tiles are used more nowadays because original marble stones and slabs are getting rare and super-expensive. In contrast, we can get the same effect by polishing and painting a special paint to get patterns on a mixture of rocks and resin. The presence of resin makes it cheaper than engineered marble, as engineered marble uses many expensive rocks. So it is cost-effective and looks good to the eyes.

Technology adds more to Faux Marble tiles. We can describe faux marble as portraying the complexity of technology. Since it is different from natural marble, it has different characteristics. For example, it is coated with a gel layer, making it non-porous. Sometimes quartz is also thrown in the mix, making faux marble less resistant to heat and stress and more accessible to mould.

Where Can You Use Faux Marble Tiles?

Faux marble tiles are used in many ways, such as flooring in the house and washrooms, Foyers and also used in Back Splashing in the kitchen. They make the kitchen look shiny and clean while giving us a firm grip on the ground. It is also the most popular option when considering washroom flooring. Foyers are entrance halls or other open areas in a building used by the public, especially a hotel or theatre. They give away the first impression, which is the most important. Faux marble tiles are used as a better way to introduce your space than marble tile flooring in your front entryway.

We Recommend the Following Faux Marble Tiles

1. Nexus Vinyl Tiles

2. Camden Silver Faux Tin Peel & Stick Backsplash Tiles

3. Floor Pops FP2942 Medina Peel and Stick Floor Tiles

The demand for faux marble tiles has grown rapidly in the recent few years. Low cost and durability of faux marble tiles has made people choose them as an alternative to engineered marbles. Overall, faux marbles are preferred over-engineered marbles as they are cheap while still giving the same impressions and having the advantages of a firm grip and less heat resistance. They are less expensive compared to marble tiles and more durable.