Recommendations for Tub Spout with Ball Valve Diverter


Are you looking to buy or replace your tub spout? Or do you want to explore different types of tub spouts to control the water flow in your bath? Then you are in the right place. You may have come across various tub spouts and would like to know more about their function. Read further to know more about tub spout with a ball valve diverter and its functions.

Tube spouts are used in almost every household. Generally, there are two types of taps available on the market. One is a diverter type, and the other is a non-diverter type. Both types of tub spouts control the water flow. Faucets are standard and get damaged or clogged. So, they require you to replace or repair them. But these are easy to install or replace.

What is a Diverter Tub Spout?

A diverter spout is made of metal and consists of two parts: one is attached to the housing, and the other is a slight downward outlet. This outlet features a one-of-a-kind brass valve with a ninety-degree angle. This ball valve diverts water from the tub to the shower.

Function of the diverter tub spout

A non-diverter or tub spout without a ball valve functions only in one way. You cannot change the direction of water from the bathtub to the shower or vice versa. But with a ball valve diverter in the tub spout, you can surely divert the flow of water by opening or closing the attached ball valves. If you turn off the valve, the water will lift into the shower instead of flowing downward. On the other hand, when you open this valve, the water flow will come from the tub spout in a downward direction. With a ball diverter, you may find it easier to control water. You may need separate connections to manage water for the tub and the shower head.

Why Should You Use a Tub Spout with a Ball Valve Diverter?

A ball valve provides a better seal than traditional diverters and prevents water from leaking out while diverting to the showerhead. This handy feature of a tub spout makes it more attractive than others. The diverter tub spout has a good finish and gives a stylish look to your bathroom. It is both contemporary and functional.

We Recommend the Following Tub Spout with Ball Valve Diverter

1. American Standard 8888026.002 Diverter Tub Spout

2. Avigolr Slip Tub Spout with Diverter

3. Gold Hao Tub Spout with Diverter

A tub spout with a ball valve diverter performs an essential function in your bathroom/ shower system. It also gives a modern look to your bathroom. You can easily find a good quality tub spout with a diverter from the market and get it installed.