Clearshield vs Crimsafe: A Head-to-Head Comparison

Doors exist for a reason. While building a home or office, we could keep the openings open without installing doors and windows. However, the main purpose of installing doors is to increase security and avoid unforeseen break-ins.  But, we all know that the door can be easily penetrated by burglars. Hence, the invention of security screens happened. These screens are in charge of providing the highest level of security. They can withstand the penetration of knives and other sharp things, and breaking through them will require an enormous amount of strength. But there is still a lot of uncertainty over how well security screens work. While installing excellent security screens, strength, efficiency, and fit should all be considered. The fit, effectiveness, and strength should all be taken into account when installing top-notch security screens. There are many screens available today that can both defend you from unforeseen threats and add elegance to your home thanks to their lovely exteriors.

Security screens like Clearshield and Crimsafe are two different kinds that don’t sacrifice efficacy. Let us understand more specifically about these security screens, though.

We can conclude from our analysis of both products that they are both quite effective at what they do. There may be subtle variations in quality, pricing, and materials, though, just as a coin has two faces. When compared to Crimsafe, Clearshield security screens are less expensive.

Crimsafe is primarily a woven product while ClearShield is a single screen made of stainless steel with perforated holes. However, the Clearshield screens are also considerably simpler to keep and clean. Additionally, they aid in preventing the screens from feeling grazed when someone scrapes against them.


Clearshield is an effective security screen for windows and doors. They do not make the house appear mundane because they are not only practical but also stylish. They come in a variety of hues and will undoubtedly give your house an appealing appearance. In addition, Clearshield is made of stainless steel, has holes, and a smoother surface, making cleaning and maintaining the screen much simpler than with other woven mesh products. An aluminum frame is attached to Clearshield. Additionally, the wedge system is visible in the Clearshield.

With these screens, you can guarantee a great level of security, nevertheless. Additionally, they often shield you from repeated blows and knife strikes. It would take a lot of work to get through Clearshield because it is significantly stronger. Additionally, installing triple locks will offer your property Z+ security. You can get the best visibility through the screen because it is a smooth, flat one. Isn’t it fantastic? While gaining a glimpse of the outside, you can safeguard your house. However, it also minimizes light while increasing airflow. Additionally, installing Clearshield screens reduces the need for air conditioning throughout the summer.

However, the Clearshield screen will also protect from microscopic insects, so you can remove the insect screen. Clearshield also offers a sliding screen and an emergency exit.


Crimsafe is a strong security barrier that will ensure that you are well protected. Cleaning these, nevertheless, may be slightly more difficult because they are woven mesh. Mainly because the mesh is more likely to become clogged with debris and muck. Furthermore, avoid using too much water when washing the mesh. Repeated knife or other weapon strikes can also cause damage to the screen. Even if the attacks don’t succeed in breaking through, the screen will undoubtedly be damaged, and you might even find a dangerous edge in the mesh.

 Crimsafe, on the other hand, makes use of screw clamp technology, locking the mesh into the frame. Installing Crimsafe safety doors, which come in several glitzy hues, is another way to retain the elegance of your property. Crimsafe’s mesh, however, is always black. Crimsafe will always allow you to see the outside view in its entirety.

Installing Crimsafe will provide you with a host of benefits, including UV protection, fall prevention, increased airflow, and burglary security for you and your family. It can even act as an insect net by keeping away from the bug to burglars. Along with passing the fire attenuation test, the Crimsafe also passed the jemmy test, dynamic impact test, and knife shear test. The Crimsafe will protect you if you reside in a bushfire-prone location because it can lessen the fire’s radiant heat. Additionally, the fact that there is good ventilation and airflow will help to lower the cost of air conditioners.

Crimsafe security screens can be incorporated into sliding doors, hinged doors, stacking doors, and french doors.


We can infer that Crimsafe and ClearShield both provide the highest level of security. But there are several areas where they diverge. Cost, efficacy, variety, and materials are possible factors. But both are beneficial, and by weighing the various aspects of both screens, you can choose the best security screen that will not only provide great safety but also improve the look of your lovely home.