Best Screwless Wall Plates

Screwless wall plates, also called switch plates or outlet covers, are the plastic frames located around switches and wall outlets. Screwless wall plates are made with a primary goal of safety in mind. Upgrading to screwless wall plates, as an instance, is a clean and less expensive way to enhance both safety and look. Screwless wall plates provide an easy, seamless and a clean look.

The design of screwless wall plates improves the appearance and feel of your home and office. These screwless wall plates are the most recent trend in wall plates.

Benefits of Screwless Wall Plates:

Screwless wall plates have a number of benefits compared to normal wall plates. Some of the common benefits of screwless wall plates are :

  • Safety is the standout feature of screwless wall plates. It’s impossible for someone to touch a live wire, even accidentally, without any screws on the plate. Screwless wall plates help to prevent electrical shocks and reduce the risk of fire.
  • Installing screwless wall plates takes only a few minutes. It is easy to install and gives a clean look to the walls.
  • Screwless wall plates are super affordable. It doesn’t cost much to buy a pack of screwless wall plates and to install it.
  • Screwless wall plates add value and a great appearance to your residence, office, and commercial locations.

How to Choose the Right Screwless Wall Plate?

With a wide variety of screwless wall plates available in the market, it can be a tricky job to find the best one. Before buying screwless wall plates there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Material – The material from wall plates is made is very important. Screwless wall plates are available in different materials. It’s vital to choose a wall plate from durable materials. Screwless wall plates made from metal or plastic is a good choice.

Price – Screwless wall plates are available from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. Quality of each wall plate depends on its price. It’s important to choose a wall plate that is good in quality and is within your budget.

We Recommend the Following Screwless Wall Plates

1. Enerlites Screwless Decorator Wall Plates

2. CML Decorator Screwless Wall Plates

3. BESTTEN 1-Gang Screwless Wall Plate

It’s an undeniable fact that screwless wall plates give an aesthetic look to your walls. Screwless wall plates are compatible with all decorator-style switches and outlets, including dimmers, sensors, timer switches, electrical outlets, and single and double switches. Screwless wall plates are intended to be child-safe. With their screwless design, they can be installed quickly and are built to last with their ultra- durable  material. Because the screws are hidden, they provide a different, cleaner, and sleeker appearance.

Enhance the look of your residence or commercial place with screwless wall plates. Whether you’re decorating a residence or upgrading your office, screwless wall plates is all you need to make a difference.