Best Light Bulb for Pump House

During the winter, it is common for household pump houses to freeze. Though most of the household’s water system is insulated, it still requires some sort of heating system to keep it from freezing. As this issue puts you at risk, there is a constant need for modification in the pumphouse system. You may often need to install a light bulb to heat a pump house. If you’re facing this issue, go through this guide to see what light bulbs are suitable for a pump house.

The Best Light Bulb for the Pump House

Below are some of the alternatives you can consider to keep your household water system warm.

Incandescent bulb with more than 100 watts

You can install an incandescent light bulb in the pump house. Place a fluorescent bulb near the pump house and switch it on during the winter. You can use a 100-watt light bulb, which makes a great heating system. Just make sure that this bulb doesn’t set anything else on fire. It is quite a secure option.

50-watt or 60-watt light bulb

If the 100-watt bulb is unavailable, you can substitute two 50-watt or 60-watt bulbs. They will also produce enough heat to keep the pump house warm and functional. You can attach a thermometer to observe the temperature of the water.

72-watt halogen bulb

Another alternative that might be a good option is a 72-watt halogen bulb installed in place of the filament in the typical incandescent bulb. It keeps the water pretty warm. But one main problem is that they might catch fire, which is risky.

Why Should You Use the Light Bulb in the Pump House?

It will help if you consider using a light bulb in the pump house, as it is necessary for cold weather. Water gets frozen in the pumphouse, disrupting the whole house’s water supply. So, a heating source is mandatory for the water system to keep running. For this, light bulbs can be a good choice.

The Benefits of Using the Best Light Bulb

We recommend that you use an incandescent lamp (100 watts, 60 watts, or 50 watts) to heat your pump house. The reason is:

  • It is a cheaper option
  • It is safe and secure.
  • It produces a pretty good heat to keep the water warmer.

We Recommend the Following Light Bulbs for
Pump House

1. Bulbmaster R40 Light Bulb

2. Philips PAR38 Light Bulb

3. Kor Incandescent R40 Light Bulbs

Despite having an insulated box outside, the pumphouse requires a proper heating system in cold weather. For this, there are various options available for you in the market. The best option is to use an incandescent lamp that can provide enough heat and has a good lifespan.  Bulbs with more than 100 watts provide enough heat to keep the water running from your household water system.