Best Drain Flange for Bathroom Sink

Sometimes you find water leaking through the bathroom sink, and you wonder what happened and where the water is coming from. So, you may have heard of the drain flange of bathroom sinks, which might get stuck or damaged. The drain flange problem is common in bathroom sinks. It may be time to replace this flange and get a new one.

What is a Drain Flange?

A drain flange is made of a metallic material or plastic covered in metal, covering the edges of the sink’s drain. A drain flange ensures a good seal by linking the sink’s drain to the pipe’s tailpiece. This flange adds a protective layer to the drain. They come in various standardized sizes according to the size of the sink’s drain.

The Function of the Drain Flange

The primary function of a drain flange is to prevent water leakage. When you turn on the faucet, it prevents water from leaking out of the sink’s plughole. Additionally, the flange has holes on its sides to manage the water overflow and provide a route for air to escape. This further decreases the water pressure and minimises the risk of water overflow. It can cause water leakage under the sink if it gets damaged. When it happens, you need to fix this problem by replacing it with a new drain flange.

Why Use a Drain Flange?

Flanges are very essential for the drainage system of sinks. They are very critical to the bathroom drain and strainer. You must install them correctly and with great care to minimize drainage issues. Usually, the accumulation of particles or rust in the drain causes significant damage to the drain flange. But you don’t need to worry much about this issue. They are relatively easy to find and replace if your bathroom sink’s flange gets stuck or damaged. It is a low-cost component. You can find different kinds of flanges at hardware stores. You just need to purchase it according to the sink’s requirements and get it installed by your plumber. 

We Recommend the Following Drain Flanges for Bathroom Sinks

1. Yodel Brushed Nickel Drain Flange

2. REGALMIX Bathroom Sink Drain

3. HOMELODY Vessel Sink Drain

The drain flange is an essential component of the water drainage system. It prevents the bathroom sink from leaking water and links the drain to the pipe tail. It often requires you to replace it when it gets eroded or stuck. You can quickly return it by removing the old flange with a new one.