Best Bulb For Study Lamp – All You Need To Know !

Do you often study or work overnight? Well, then coffee and a study lamp are your best friends, right? Lamps have been helping students and employees since long back. But do you know that a proper bulb is significant for your health. Proper lighting can eliminate eye strain and fatigue. And hence, help you to study or work for a longer period efficiently. 

But don’t worry, we will help you to find the best Bulb for a study lamp. Therefore, stay with us till the end.

Our Recommendation for Best Bulbs

1. NorbFOCUS Desk Lamp LED Light Bulb

2. Hisoo 9W LED Full Spectrum Light Bulb

3. WhitePoplar LED Full Spectrum Light Bulb

4. A19 Led Bulb 100W Daylight,Light Therapy Lamp Bulb

5. LE 100W Equivalent LED Light Bulbs

Factors to Consider Before Buying Bulb For Study Table

Before choosing the right bulb for your study table, you need to consider some factors. Why? Because they will help you to make a correct decision.

  • For reading or writing 40 to 60-watt bulbs.
  • For computer work, 60 + watts. 

Bonus Tips: Avoid cool fluorescent bulbs that emit harsh light. 

  • Types of Light Bulb

There are four different types of the light bulb out there:

  • Incandescent
  • Halogen
  • CFL
  • LED 

Incandescent bulbs are old-fashioned filament bulbs that you have grown up with.

Halogen bulbs are 30% more efficient than incandescent bulbs but the light is bright and harsh. 

CFLs are tube-like bulbs that are more eco-friendly and durable than the above two. 

LED bulbs are the latest bulbs. They are the most efficient and adorable bulbs. 

  • Choosing Perfect Ambience 

Why should you choose white light, when you can choose different colors? You can choose warm white for daylight. 

  • Soft white: This is the standard color of Edison bulbs. It is more yellowish. 
  • Warm White: this kind of light is perfect for the kitchen and bathrooms. It is a mixture of yellowish and white colors. 
  • Bright White: these kinds of bulbs are a mixture of white and blue colors. 
  • Daylight: This kind of light is perfect for a study table. Slightly blue, you should always choose it.
  • Different Style of Light Bulb

There are different styles of the light bulb out there. For instance, large-format ‘Globe’ LEDs, GLS, Golf ball, and candle. 

  • Fitting 

Before you purchase a bulb you should check the fitting. There are two types: bayonet and screw.

Benefits of Good Lighting

  • Better Posture: When the light is not adept, children often bend down. This can cause bad posture leading to several back-related problems. But with the proper lighting and arrangement, you can restrict bad posture and improve your health. 
  • Improved Efficiency: Poor lighting causes eye fatigue and creates a depressing environment around. It can affect your efficiency. Different research has revealed that improper lighting can affect the brain’s ability to learn. By improving the lighting you can improve your work efficiency and reduce eye fatigueness. 
  • Reduce Eye Strain: the most important drawback of poor lighting is eye strain. When anyone studies in dim light, it causes myopia, which is a common eyesight problem. 

To sum it up, choose a perfect match for you and adjust the lighting to improve your efficiency and reduce eye strain.