Best Broom for Reefer Trailer

A Reefer Trailer is important for the long distance transport of perishable goods such as fruits, vegetables, meat – whose temperature has to be regulated. This device can be set at a particular temperature required for the product and to maintain the same without disturbing it. There are different setting for different products- like frozen meat may need a different temperature than fruits and so on.
So basically a Reefer Trailer (reefer means refrigerated here and trailer is like a truck) is made to maintain a particular temperature to keep the cargo fresh on arrival. Perishable products such as fruits, veggies and meat are also required to be placed in a reefer trailer to make sure it reaches its destination in its best state.
Reefer units work on a closed system just like a refrigerator. It includes the removal of heat and thus maintaining a constant temperature.

History of Reefers

There has been a need to transport perishable products in an efficient way, since ancient times. Trains were only used for transfer of this cargo until then. Still the manufacturers desired for a more convenient, faster and cheaper option for the transport. Then after the First World War, after certain trials and errors , the first ever portable cooling unit was made at a small scale – to be used only on trucks. Then after its success, it was made at a larger scale finally introducing the World’s First Fully refrigerated truck in 1949.
This invention proved to be very helpful during the Second World War to transfer various perishable items to military camps and soldiers.

Here Are Our Recommendations

1. Broom and Dustpan/Dustpan

2. Yocada Push Broom Brush

3. Push Broom Stiff Indoor Outdoor

Loading a Reefer Trailer

There is a need to load the reefer trailer properly in order to make sure that the products that are placed inside stay cool for the required time and with minimum effort taken by the machine (effortlessly without being switched on for a longer time)
This can be done by:
Precooling and Reducing Cargo dock time: Precooling refers to bring the reefer to that temperature that is required by its respective goods. This has to be done before placing the cargo in the reefer. After this step, the cargo items should be placed inside the reefer in the minimum amount of time. Other things to be considered are to make sure there is right amount of spacing between goods and the trailer’s walls (which is 2″), having sufficient knowledge of how your machine works, closing the reefer unit while unloading)

Cleaning of a Reefer Trailer

A Reefer trailer works very hard as mentioned, so it needs to be cleaned well and thoroughly to maintain its efficiency. For this purpose, a reefer sweeper (also called the sweeper broom) is used which cleans multilevel surfaces (just like a reefer) which has alternating hills and valleys. It is designed combining many brush units together placing major brush units and minor brush units alternately side by side. The nature of the bristles is usually stiff and the handle is placed opposite the the series of brushes.
The length and the count of the Reefer is designed according to the configuration of the hills and valleys of the machine needed to be cleaned.