Best Asian Vase | Our Picks for Stunning Home Decor

Why do vases exist? Vases come in a variety of types and designs with various patterns and aesthetics. A vase can improve the ambiance of a space. You can choose from vases that are short, tall, or any other medium length, all of which feature amazing designs. Vases can be used to display flowers, including artificial ones with various color contrasts and shapes, to give the vase and the space a classy appearance.

Vases come in a variety of styles to match the cultures of various nations. Asian vases are one such type. They have amazing styles with newer designs in pleasing color schemes. Asian vases are best known for showcasing the cultures of China and Japan. Asian vases come in a variety of shapes, including pear-shaped, high-shouldered, curvy, and rounded at the waist. Additionally, bronze, jade, porcelain, and other materials are used to create these vases. You can see the prints of a dragon and a Buddha on the vase, which demonstrate how important the designs are in culture.

But if you are unsure of where to buy or what kind of Asian vase to buy, you have come to the right place. We have top Asian vases for you right here, which will transform your room.

We Recommend the Following Asian Vase:

1. Chinese Dragon Vase – Feng Shui Asian Art – Resin, 9.5 Inches (Brown)

2. Oriental Furniture 14” Cherry Blossom Porcelain Tung Chi Vase

3. A&B Home 13’’ Blue White Porcelain Jar Flower Planter Pot Home Décor Vase

Different Shapes of Vases

Even in Asian vases, there are different types and forms of vases. Let us analyze each shape in detail.

Pear-shaped vase

Previously, this kind of vase was employed as a holy water vase. Additionally, as the years went by they began to use them as wine vessels. The pear-shaped vase has a short foot ring, a straight neck that broadens at the end, a bottom-heavy body, and a slightly flared rim. This particular vase has a sophisticated appearance.

Rotating vase

The rotating vase is of astounding quality and has a distinctive feel. An outer vase is attached to an inner base. You can see the inner side’s printed images moving when you rotate the outer one.

Double vase

These vases are a special kind because they have numerous mouths and necks but only one body. You can put many flowers or decorative items on their various necks of them. Their mouths typically range from two to nine.

Globular vase

As its name suggests, a globular vase has a globular body. A small mouth, straight neck, and slightly concave base characterize this style of vase.

Flaring vase

A flaring mouth is a defining feature of a flaring vase. This style of the vase is distinguished by its splayed foot and slim, stem-like body.

Double guard vase

Also of great cultural significance is the double guard vase. It is regarded as a lucky charm as well as the Daoist emblem of immortality. The double guard vase is regarded as a fertility symbol as well.


In the end, we can say that Asian vases are lovely with a variety of patterns and also have a significant traditional value. Vases are also associated with a wide variety of beliefs, and having one at home is thought to bring good fortune. Choose the best Asian vases to glam up and elevate your house.