3 Best Writing Desks with Keyboard Trays for Home Offices

A home needs a space where the creative ideas of minds transform into words. A writing desk is not only a writer’s best friend but also an essential piece of furniture for any home because it allows one to sit and meticulously plan out future activities or write down significant information. For the kids at home who need a desk to write and complete their assignments, a writing area is also essential. Due to the chair’s ability to provide a comfortable space to sit, these desks should be used in conjunction with a chair to reduce the risk of back pain brought on by improper sitting.

An additional feature that is very helpful is a writing desk with a keyboard. You can set your desktop or system’s keyboard on a keyboard tray. The desk may become cluttered with the keyboard taking up a lot of space, making it impossible to stack books. However, these writing desks can assist a person in working on a project while keeping the keyboard in a tray, leaving a tidy area on the desk.

However, if you are having trouble choosing the best writing desk with a keyboard tray, this page will give you all the information you need to make the right decision.

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1. SIMPLIHOME Hollander SOLID WOOD Contemporary Modern Wide Home Office Desk

2. Walker Edison Modern Computer Gaming with Under Desk Keyboard Tray

3. OFFICEJOY Computer Desk Cart Home Office Desk

Top Problems You Face for Having a Keyboard Tray

Even though there are many benefits, such as the keyboard tray giving you enough room to stack other items on the table and giving the table a more organized appearance, sometimes using them can be detrimental. These are the issues that a keyboard tray can cause.

Limited mouse area 

The issue of keeping the mouse also arises when you have a separate keyboard tray. Some desks include a mouse-specific area, while others do not. You will therefore have trouble storing the mouse and keyboard in a small space if your desk does not have a dedicated space for them.

Swiveling keyboard trays

Many people commonly experience this issue. A keyboard tray on your desk can occasionally cause it to sway. Due to their extended arm design, which has no additional support other than the point from which it emerged, the keyboard can move up and down while carrying additional loads.

Issues with knee clearance

The desk’s keyboard tray may interfere with knee movement when it is extended. The tray can touch your knees, making it impossible for you to move your knee and giving the impression that the area is congested.


There are more advantages to a writing desk with keyboard trays than you might think. It provides a convenient area for you to learn, work, and study. Additionally, it will make you feel systematic and organized. This page will assist you in choosing the best writing desk with keyboard trays that will beautify your room and provide the best support for your work and study environments.